Courses with Interactions, Quizzes, and Multiple Paths for the Learner




Helping sales people understand their customer’s business

Digital Harbor created courses on multiple topics such as banking and networks, enabling successful interactions with customers in those industries. Courses include Articulate modules with narration, Instructor and Student Guides.

Understand Your Industry

High-tech, green company offers training for partners

This fast-growing company is launching eLearning for their Partners. Digital Harbor is guiding the customer in their intial eLearning effort, utilizing rapid development methods, which include audio, animation, and learner interactions. The Partner training program will include 25 modules.

EnergyCo Partner Training


Search Engine training for virtual consultants

This company employs over 500 consultants world-wide and is currently working with a leading search engine provider to improve search results. Digital Harbor created nine courses to provide consultants with just-in-time guidance on best practices for performing their job.



Business Process Course for insurance company

Digital Harbor built an engaging course to help employees understand what their role is in the company’s business continuity process. This course includes scenarios, quizzes, and branching.

Business Continuity


eLearning Global Giveback Competition

Our latest course was selected as a Top 5 Finalist in the 2010 eLearning Guild / LINGOs “eLearning Global Giveback Competition.”  Working virtually and in collaboration with another designer, the pro bono course was completed in less than 3 weeks.



Environment, Health & Safety Course (OSHA)

This Flash template was created for a series of 40 OSHA safety courses, and provided the critical foundation of an efficient interface design. The navigation is intuitive, onscreen text is clear and concise, the images are appropriate, and the high-quality narration and audio transcript window are controlled by the learner. The SMEs and instructional designers provided exceptional content. These safety courses are recognized for being an outstanding example of eLearning, and for making the learning stick.

Flash template for safety course

Human Resources Recruiting & Staffing System Training

To support the HR community, this training module was developed to prepare the users for a software upgrade. Articulate Presenter was chosen for the project as a rapid-development tool. Later, I took part in the development of a more comprehensive training course, covering multiple staffing and recruiting activities.

Recruiting & Staffing Training

Software Simulations & Demonstrations





Safety Health Information Management System (SHIMS)

The example seen here was developed to help employees and safety administrators learn how to use the SHIMS system. By working with the SME and following their script, I created interactive simulations using Captivate. The learner is required to follow on-screen instructions and input text where indicated. The simulations are embedded and played through a custom, reusable Flash template, and delivered via the company intranet. This course significantly reduced the number of calls to the SHIMS Administrator.

Safety Application Training

IT Service Portal Rollout

A replacement for the current IT incident and request support system was rolled out to the entire organization. A blended approach was used, which provided online process demonstrations (below) along with Live Meeting sessions. I worked with the SME to document the processes and created multiple demonstrations. I also narrated and recorded the voice-over for the course. This course achieved its goal of moving the workforce toward a self-service Help Desk.

This demonstration was developed with Captivate.

Self-Serve Help Desk Demonstration

e-Presentations: Sales, Product Descriptions, Events





Communicate With Your Customer

This customer e-presentation is reminiscent of good ol’ Show and Tell! My clients use these effective online presentations to announce real estate offerings and boost sales.

Business Presentation

Instructional Design / Training Guides





Facilitator & Participant Guides for Professional OnBoarding Course


My role as Instructional Designer on this project with SAP was to convert highly-technical content to conversational text for the inexperienced classroom instructor. I created group activities, such as Product BINGO, and developed topics for group discussions. Adhering to SAP’s preferred style, I selected and manipulated images. The user guides required extensive formatting in Word, including a Table of Contents, heading styles, footer, icons, and images.

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