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eLearning Design and Development

BD10267_ Software Simulations and Demonstrations

  • Demonstrate a step-by-step process of how to use aSafety Application Training
    software program.
  • Provide feedback to the learner based on their input.
  • Change direction in the course based on the learner’s
    on-screen selection.
  • Test the learner’s knowledge of the topic.


BD10267_ Convert classroom courses to eLearning

We’ll convert your content into high-quality learning
modules, addressing your unique business needs,
helping your bottom line.


 Instructional design

BD10267_ Instructional Design

We’ll design effective instruction using a proven method,
and will incorporate adult learning principles.
Learning will occur.

BD10267_ Graphic Design

We’ll create new logos and images, use your existing
image library, or purchase images from respected
sources. Imagery will be appropriate to the content,
and will enhance the learning experience.




BD10267_ Audio and Video
Narration adds an extra dimension to eLearning
that enables sticky learning. To really add the
WOW-factor, we’ll incorporate a video clip.
Participants will remember what they learned.
Isn’t that what it’s about?



Powerful PresentationsBusiness Presentation

It’s like Show and Tell! We’ll design exciting e-presentations to help you impress any audience. We incorporate narration, animation, and interactive features to highlight your product or business offering. Examples include:

  • Promotional presentations highlighting your services
  • Real estate listings presented to your customers in a
    compelling way
  • Communications from your company leaders
  • Tour of your new /revised web site
  • Event announcements



* SME Responsibilities *

(Click the link to open/save the Word document.)

The designers at Digital Harbor believe that interacting with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is a critical part of a successful project. Please feel free to share this document in your organization to ensure your experts know what is expected of them as we develop your eLearning program. 

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